Jan. 1st, 2010

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 Actually, we had a great New Year's, one that completely made up for last year's enormous suckfest. Some friends of ours were having a party at their house, this great place up in the Hollywood Hills where you could see pretty much across all of L.A. And with that blue moon we had last night? Absolutely gorgeous! Around ten they broke out the karaoke equipment (they have a pretty sophisticated setup), and we all had a great time. I think one of the highlights of the evening was everyone singing along a capella to "La Bamba" after Jess had an equipment malfunction and the music died (this was right after midnight; the copious amounts of champagne could have had something to do with the spontaneous singalong). My friend Kent coaxed me into doing the title song from Phantom, and that went really well. In fact, at the end of the evening as we were saying good-bye, Jess told me I had an amazing voice. :-)  It was nice to hear, considering I've done zero singing these past few years. Also, he works in the entertainment industry (yes, kids, there's an Emmy on the mantel in the living room), so he's around musicians and other creative types all the time.

Driving home was made slightly surreal by the fact that there was an enormous accident on the 210 freeway in Monrovia, and the CHP had the entire freeway shut down. We sat and idled there for almost fifteen minutes before they let us go forward. In fact, we sat there so long that we saw one guy get out of his car, hop the median, and run across the other side of the freeway and down into some trees on the embankment so he could take a leak. Good thing we didn't set there any longer, or I would have been tempted to do the same thing.

You just gotta love Southern California. :-P

(It was also fun to see our local high school band in the Rose Parade this morning. Go Tartans! I'll admit I'm a sucker for bagpipes.)

I hope everyone had a great evening. Since last year began crappily and didn't get much better after that (except for me getting a contract for Fringe Benefits), I'm hoping that since 2010 started out with a bang, the rest of the year will go as well.


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