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Oof. So Blood and Ashes is finally up at tf.n's Archive.

Now I need all my friends to go over there and give it a good rating before the evil trolls jump on it and say horrible things about it. ('Cause they're just those kinds of people....)

OK, I'm paranoid. But can you blame me?

It's probably the last thing I'll submit over there anyway. I mean, it took them NINE MONTHS to make a decision on this one -- I can only imagine that Dust of Empire would probably make them blow a gasket.
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OK, so I submitted my Boba Fett fic, Blood and Ashes, to tf.n's Archive seriously like eight months ago. I'd honestly forgotten about it, to tell you the truth. I mean, they never sent me a "fuck off, we'd never accept this" e-mail, but as the months wore on it sort of got relegated to the back of my mind.

So I finally get an e-mail from them saying it's been accepted. So "go me" and all that, but I really wonder what the heck took them so long. I mean, it's a fairly long piece (novella length...about 45,000 words), but I've had reviews where people told me they read it in one sitting, so I know it's not THAT ponderous. But hey, at least it means I'm batting a thousand when it comes to Archive submissions.

Guess this means I should probably finish Mandalore's Son one of these days....

Icon for Boba love....
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I have all my nominations ready to go for the Saga Summer Fanfic Awards over at tf.n (try saying that ten times fast), and then...I can't get tf.n to come up. It's all jammed and nasty and won't load. This is irritating, because today's supposedly the cutoff to get noms in, although maybe they'll let it slop over a day considering that the site is bunged up. Again.

Guess I'll go try after lunch. Phooey.
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Wow -- I just found out I qualified for 10 categories in the next round of the FanFic Awards at! (Insert Joy doing the happy dance here.)

Of course, this means I have to come up with 10 excerpts again. Hmm.

Also, now I feel massively guilty for not updating Mandalore's Son or Empty Crowns lately. Guess I'd better get back to that. ;-)


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