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I've been so buried in other stuff that I completely forgot to mention this here, but my publisher is running a wedding-related promo this month that features a bunch of free stories (including one by moi) and a chance to win prizes and vote on your favorites. Here's the skinny:

"All the free stories belonging to our 'Just Married' promotion have been released and are ready for you to download. You can find links to them all here:

Once you've read them, please follow the link on that page to vote for your favorite. You can also vote for your favorite cover, and we'll be doing something special with the winning cover. (The winning author from the first vote will get something nice, too.)

We'll be offering random prizes to the voters, so please make sure you check out our free stories and vote for your favorite. Voting will be open through the end of June.


I'm not saying you should vote for mine or anything, but... [shifty eyes]

The survey is open until June 30, so you still have some time to check it out. And did I mention all the stories are FREE? ;-)
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For those of you who would like some holiday-themed romance, check out my new short story, "Mistletoe Magic," that's now being offered by Pink Petal Books. Best of all, it's free! You can download it in a variety of non-DRM formats directly from the site. Just go to the Pink Petal Books website -- it's right smack in the center of their "Featured Products" on the main page. PPB is also hosting a Winter Festival with some fun giveaways and promotional pricing on some of their books, so have a look around while you're over there.


ETA: While you do need to sign up for an account at Pink Petal Books to get free downloads, you don't have to give any credit card information for "Mistletoe Magic," since it's a freebie. Just wanted to clarify!


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