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...for just a sec.

Seriously, when is this country going to wake up and realize that basic human rights are NOT something you should put to a popular vote?

Oy, gevalt.
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Posting this verbatim:

"You SERIOUSLY, with a straight face, typed that you wanted someone to edit your novel for $25......

Bud, you take the Craigslist idiot cake. You really do. I have seen some pretty low lowball ads in here, but you just took it to a whole 'nother level of low.

WTF? I mean it. What the hell is in your crack pipe?

Tell you what. Why don't you hike your ass over here and paint my house for $45. The whole thing, front yard to back yard. Two stories. Don't forget the garage.

No, better yet. How about you rebuild my Explorer transmission for $62.

Or, can you replace all the plumbing in my house for $87.46.

And then, when you are done, I'll edit your fucking novel for $25.

You people... I swear... "

Well, that gave me a good laugh for Monday. Seriously, though, sometimes it boggles my mind how little people expect to pay for professional editing. Maybe I didn't go to school quite as long as a doctor or a lawyer probably did, but there's a fair amount of training and experience required to be any good at editing. If you expect someone to edit your novel for about the same amount that you'd pay to get a pedicure, then you've got a seriously skewed view of the skill set involved.
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Or maybe that should be "Sy-Fy," since the author of this spectacularly wank-tastic post spent most of his timing whinging about how Starbuck was turned into a girl in the latest incarnation of BSG.

Seriously, the post itself is lolacious in the extreme, but the comments are even better.

This girl who grew up reading Niven, Clarke, Asimov, and Heinlein but who also spends too much on shoes will be over here in the corner, trying not to scream.

ETA, 'cause the macros are too good to pass up:

As someone many people view as the original writer of "modern" science fiction, Mary Shelley says...

We'll just sic Donna on this misogynistic piece of trash.

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It's like Christmas in July!

Seriously, I can't wait to see what buried scandal pushed her to this point. Why else announce something like this on a Friday before a holiday weekend?

Looks like I won't have to pay for my entertainment this weekend. :-P

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Seriously, I have no words. Warning: The following is probably NSFW. It is, however, hella funny:

After reading some of those excerpts, I will never again beat myself up over my writing skills. Ever.

Oy gevalt.

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I think this is a sign of the apocalypse


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