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First Lost, and now 24. Sigh. I have nothing left in episodic TV that I want to watch, which I guess bodes well for my free time. I don't know -- there's something special about looking forward to that new show every week. And we've kind of fallen behind on Doctor Who -- not sure why, except as a geezer-in-training I'm not all that thrilled about having such a wet-behind-the-ears kid playing The Doctor.

I was actually a little sadder to say good-bye to 24 than I was to Lost; I'd watched 24 from the beginning and never missed an episode (okay, had to tape some and watch some on Hulu, but you know what I mean). I did love the sweet little scene between Jack and Chloe at the end, though.

Still, as I told Erik earlier, I have that same sad/empty feeling I did when I walked out of Return of the Jedi lo those many years ago, thinking it was all over and there would be no more Star Wars films (good thing I didn't know what George would later inflict on us in the prequels). True, there's a 24 movie in the works. Here's hoping they don't Jar-Jar it.
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...why didn't they have cool stuff like this when I was a kid??

More info here.
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Museum Replicas is finally making its Imperial officer uniforms available!

I don't need any more jewelry -- this way more cool!

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Maybe it's just because I'm mildly hungover, but I really can't figure out why, when we had a massive Star Wars cantina party here last night, there are TRIBBLES all over the place.

Wow, I guess those things really do breed...
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I'm going to blather about writing and fanfiction, so I think I'll put the rest of this behind a cut so as not to inundate the good people on my f-list who don't really care. :-P

Lightbulb moment! )

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I guess I'm putting this out there for those of you who post fic in LJ comms. I've never done so -- everything of mine is on ff.n, and the HP stuff is also on Fiction Alley and Sycophant Hex. How kosher is it to take stories that have been posted elsewhere and then start posting them on LJ communities dedicated to those fandoms? I guess I'm asking because signing up for that Star Wars prompt community made me realize there were a lot of SW fic communities out there, and that just because I've posted things on ff.n doesn't necessarily mean those readers even know my stories exist. In fact, judging by some of the derogatory comments on [community profile] fanficrants, it seems that some people don't read anything except fics posted in LJ comms, since ff.n has absolutely no quality control.

So is it worth posting some of my Star Wars stuff (like the Fett stories and Dust of Empire) on any of these comms, or is that a bit too spammy?

Thanks for your input!
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Or masochistic. Or...well, fill in the blank.

'Cause what did I do today? Sign up for a fic prompt in a Star Wars community, when I've never done such a thing in my entire life.

Just couldn't resist, since someone wanted Imperial Inquisitor smut. What a great opportunity to write something really sick and twisted! Actually, I don't know how sick and twisted it's going to be, but I thought it would be a good exercise, since I really haven't written much hardcore smut. We'll see what happens. Luckily my prompt isn't due until July 28th, so I've got time to figure it all out.

There are a ton of prompts over there, so if you're looking to write Star Wars fic and want to try something new, go and check it out.
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I'm thinking I should change my LJ layout at some point. I am not abandoning the dear Professor, but considering I'm into all sorts of stuff, maybe it's time for something a bit more...generic. Well, maybe "generic" is the wrong word. Just something that reflects more of me and less of one fandom. Hmm. I've been immersed fairly heavily in HP for the past year or so, but now I'm getting the urge to write Star Wars again. Although I know I'd better update Quality of Mercy before I unleash a new SW fic, or I'm sure to have people after me with pitchforks, and at this point I'm pretty sure I don't have the energy to run that fast.

I have to say, though, that part of me isn't looking forward to wrestling with LJ's "new" supposed user-friendly way of manipulating layouts. It seems as if every time they make an upgrade (to use the term loosely), it's always more of a pain to deal with. Speaking of LJ and its occasional suckitude, you just gotta love how they tried to quietly take away the Basic account option (if you're brand new and try to sign up now, you only get a choice of an ad-riddled Plus account or a Paid account). I have a Paid account just because I wanted more options and didn't want to deal with the crappy-looking ads on a Plus account, but for a company that says it doesn't want to be MySpace, LJ (sorry, forgot the acronym for the Russkis who now own the company) isn't doing a very good job of differentiating itself. And lo! a new shitstorm has erupted. I haven't followed much of it, but let's just say the few bits I read this morning indicated that the average LJ user isn't very happy right about now.

It's always something, isn't it?

ETA: And the kerfluffle has already hit Fandom Wank. My gut instincts never let me down. :-P
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This is for all you costumers out there...or those of you out there who secretly sniggered at people in bad Star Wars costumes.

I'd like to point out that MY particular Imperial uniform was awesome, however:

OK, I had big Elaine from Seinfeld hair. It was the '90s, for Chrissake!


Apr. 6th, 2006 01:59 pm
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...I just found out the domain name is available.

This could get me in a lot of trouble....


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