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People have written lengthy posts about their feelings on Half-Blood Prince. I saw it last week and have been thinking about it ever since. So here are a few random observations in haiku.

Movie more of same
Harry + Ginny ≠ chemistry
Sorry, JKR

Felton stole the show
Snape is underutilized
Still love you, Alan


And my two favorite parts that don't involve Draco or Snape (or the gorgeous cinematography...God, I loved how the movie looked!):

Edit: Stupid geocities isn't displaying the first image properly. It's the one where Harry's imitating Aragog's fangs.

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He's looking quite commanding in this shot:

Apparently Ron and Hermione didn't get the memo from Stacy and Clinton that horizontal stripes are not a good look for anyone...

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I just love this new shot of Snape from Half-Blood Prince. It's such a lovely and sad illustration of his isolation.

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Sorry if this messes up your f-list, but he's just too amazing to shrink down.

Can. Not. Wait.


Nov. 5th, 2008 06:47 pm
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I was going to post a huge rant about Prop. 8...and I might still in the very near future...but at the moment I'm tired but also a little blissed out still by the Obama win, so instead I thought I'd do something fun. BTW, when the election was called for Obama we were watching the Daily Show election special. I started laughing and crying at the same time, and we grabbed our bottle of champagne, ran to the front porch, and blew the cork off that fucker right into Foothill Boulevard while I screamed, "Hell, yeah! WE DID IT!" The echoes were tremendous.


Halloween picspam under the cut!

This way to the egress... )

I Wonder

Oct. 3rd, 2008 09:27 am
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Did Emma wear this shirt at the YSL event during Paris Fashion Week to show her secret support for the SS/HG pairing?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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Ganked this meme from [ profile] bemoan1000 because I'm bored, cranky, and hormonal (never a good combo). However, this did make me happy.

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...

Mrs. Snape

You like a guy of loyalty and intelligence and don't really mind if he comes across as a bit harsh. Or a bit bastardy. Or if he happens to terrify every child who crosses his path. The point is that under that rough exterior lies...well, a rough interior. But under that is a soft, squishy center and you don't mind at all that you're the only person in the world who gets to see it.

Take The Harry Potter Husband Test at HelloQuizzy

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I knew there was a reason why I chose Aberystwyth for the place where Celeste and Snape end up.

This is just too cool.
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New photo of Snape from Half-Blood Prince:

I'm guessing it's from Slughorn's party. Cannot wait for the movie, even though the rumored butchery of the storyline has me a bit trepidatious.

On the other hand, it looks as if I'll be able to reuse the Chinese lanterns I bought for my upcoming Firefly-theme party at the next HP party, too. ;-)
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I love these quizzes -- especially when my two favorite characters come out on top. :-)

Harry Potter Character Combatibility Test
created with
You scored as Hermione Granger

You are Hermione. You are academic, intelligent, and reasonable. On top of this, you are highly concerned with justice, scorn the small-minded prejudices of others and work hard to defend the under dog. Many times you may find that your heart and mind are constantly at war with each other.

Severus Snape


Hermione Granger


Neville Longbottom


Albus Dumbledore


Bellatrix Lestrange


Percy Weasley


Remus Lupin


Draco Malfoy


Luna Lovegood


Harry Potter


Lord Voldemort


Sirius Black


Oliver Wood


Ron Weasley


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...of my brain breaking.

OK, I think that most people reading this journal know that I'm a pretty big Snape fan. No surprise there. He's brilliant, moody, sarcastic, bitter, has a big nose (I love that in men), sweeps around in sexy black robes, and all that good stuff.


All that said, I do realize he's a fictional character. Really. (And I realize that fact even when I make my husband dress up as him and do unholy things to me that I'm pretty sure JKR never imagined the real Snape doing.)

So it pains me to realize that some supreme levels of absolute batshit crazy have been going down in the big Sevster's name, all unbeknownst to me, until I was bored at work late this afternoon and decided to wander over to Fandom Wank to see if anything interesting had been going on lately, since it had been several months since I last checked in.

Oh. My. God.

Do not click on this link unless you want to lose an hour or so of your life, along with your faith in humanity.

Don't say I didn't warn you!
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Having four glasses of wine, two Cosmos, and a shot of something that I don't even know what it was (one of the guys from work handed me a shot and said, "Chug it!" so I did) in one evening is probably not a very good idea. I'm getting too old for this shit. On the other hand, the bar here in town that we went to is awesome -- it looks like something out of a Coen brothers film. :-P

But because I'm too hung over to write, instead I finally got the pics from Loscon off my camera (I'm so awful about that sort of thing). One of them even turned out halfway decent.

Nano Eve

Oct. 31st, 2007 12:41 pm
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...otherwise known as Halloween 'round these parts. ;-)

Very quiet day at work today. I think most of the little kiddies are gearing up for trick-or-treat and probably aren't going to be dropping in to the Teen Center. Just as well, because we close early today (yay!). Ostensibly we'll be shutting our doors at 4:30, but if it's really dead (NPI), then we'll probably close up earlier. I hope so, because I still have a few things to take care of before the munchkins start arriving on my doorstep.

Luckily I was able to finish one last chapter of my Snape/Hermione fic before I get immersed in Nano. I'd really love to get one done some time during the month, but if last year's Nano is any indication, that's probably not going to happen. Oh, well -- at least I warned everyone that it would be awhile before my next update. Here's hoping they don't get bored and wander off. Then again, I did leave that chapter with an evil cliffie. ;-)

I'll probably be hanging out more in my Nano LJ for the next month, so look for me at [profile] badvibrationsla if you want to see how all that is going.

Unpleasant dreams! :-)  

ETA best pumpkin ever!!!:

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I've seen people do photo-manips of various redheaded actresses standing in for Lily Evans/Potter, but I've never seen anyone use Rachel Hurd Wood. Erik and I just watched Perfume (odd film, but it had great costumes, an amazing score, and [most importantly] Alan Rickman!), and I thought Rachel Hurd Wood, who plays Alan Rickman's daughter, would make a great Lily Evans. (I know it's a little strange, considering the relationship they portrayed in the film, but work with me here.) That's part of the reason why I made a little manip using an image of young Snape. My only problem is that I could find NO nice, big, high-res photos of young Snape, so the image ended up a little small.  If anyone can point me to some high-res photos of young Snape, I'd really appreciate it!

I should be writing, but I'm feeling stressed-out and cranky, so I figured this was a slightly better use of my time than watching TV. :-P
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OK, not really, but I was still pleased to see the Snape-meister get mentioned by the Fug Girls:

And even in a semi-complimentary way. I wish more men would take their sartorial inspiration from the good Professor, actually. :-)
christinex1001: (Default) a pivotal scene from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film:

I love the internet.
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...'cause every time I say I need to stop writing fanfiction, or at least limit myself to no more than one at a time, guess what? Yeah, I go start another bloody one. Sigh.

This time I feel like a jerk, though, because after polling people and saying I was going to write that Gorendil fic next...what do I do? Start my next Snape story, of course! Sorry, the guy's in my blood. Maybe it's just a reaction to the way JKR killed him off. Maybe my subconscious is saying, "Oh, yeah? Well, I'm going to resurrect him! And just for good measure, I'm going to kill off Ron and have Snape end up shagging Hermione! What're you gonna do about that, bitch?"

It's funny, because it's certainly not a pairing I would normally think of writing. I think part of the reason it used to squick me out was that so many people had teacher/student sex stories, and I have serious issues with that. But if it's with Hermione in her early 20s and Snape in his early 40s...well, then, suddenly it doesn't seem to be such a big deal. After all, I was in a long-term (five years) relationship with someone 23 years older than I. If nothing else, I'm probably more qualified to deal with the ramifications of such an age difference than the fangirls who usually write HG/SS.

See, if I could get wonderful reviews for my original fic instead of rejection letters, maybe I'd feel a little bit more hyped about it....
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Oh, naive little me. I had thought, since they limited membership this year and Saturday was actually sold out (no memberships sold at the door), that it might be a little more manageable. Wrong! Every single panel we wanted to go to was so overrun that the only way you could get in was to line up hours in advance. Sorry, that last time I waited in line that long for something was the midnight showing of The Two Towers. Even so, I heard horror stories of people who waited more than two hours to go to the Heroes panel and STILL couldn't get in. We did finally get to see an interesting panel with several professional costume designers (people who have designed for 300, Hairspray, Men in Black, and a ton more that I can't remember), so that was good, but that was also the ONLY panel we went to. Otherwise we tried to avoid getting crushed to death in the exhibit hall (it didn't help that we kept getting stopped so people could get pictures of Erik as Snape), hung out where we could, and tried to stand under air conditioning vents. :-P  My friend Kim went down for the day because she's a Young Adult librarian and she had some money to spend on books for her section, but she didn't find nearly as much as she'd hoped for. (Also, it doesn't help that she's even worse in crowds than I am. Oops.)

We did get to have a very fun meal with a bunch of friends at our favorite Irish pub down in the Gaslamp District (The Field...highly recommended!), and we also had a good time hanging out in the satellite viewing room in the Sails Pavilion for the Masquerade (which is much better than going and sitting in the actual Masquerade audience, because in the Pavilion you can sit at a big table with your friends, drink (not that we did much of that this year; actually, Erik didn't drink at all), and heckle if you want to. It makes the Masquerade much more tolerable if you can MST3K it). There were some parties going on after that, but we were both tired and had a two-hour drive home after that, so we decided to get the hell out of Dodge.

The highlight of the day was almost getting in a car accident on the way home. Trust the good ol' 57 to try to screw you after you've managed to drive more than 200 miles without incident! We were in the carpool lane, and some numbnuts in a big truck (sorry to anyone out there who has a full-size truck, but it seems to me that most of the people who drive those things are complete assholes) decided to cut right in front of this guy in a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Eclipse had to swerve out of the way, spun out RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, and ended up turned around the wrong way on the median next to the K-rail in the middle of the freeway. Somehow Erik managed to swerve around the guy (I could feel the car straining, but thank God for that Mercedes engineering -- Gunther screeched a little, but that was it), and we were able to continue up the freeway having lost only a little rubber off the tires. All I have to say is that if the guy in the Mitsubishi and Erik weren't such good drivers, there would have been a serious crack-up right then and there. I don't think the Mitsubishi was damaged, except for its tires (serious cloud of burning rubber as a result of his spinout), but it was really scary. Erik and I had been feeling kind of tired and sleepy up to that point (I'd been trying to keep up a conversation so we both wouldn't pass out), but let me tell you, after that incident we were both wide awake. Yikes.

Consensus? Although I had fun, I'm not sure Comic Con is really worth it anymore. I love dressing up and hanging out with my friends and doing all the geeky stuff going to a convention involves, but frankly, I'd rather go to a small local convention like Loscon -- it's a lot closer, unbelievably less crowded, and I don't have to play walkie-talkies with my cell phone because it's the only way to find anyone unless you tagged them with a tracer and have GPS.

But at least I managed to get a semi-decent picture of Erik as Snape and me as Professor Sinistra: 

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Cut for DH spoilers (some of you don't care, but some of you do, so there it is...).

I saw it coming. )

Well, at least now I can write that epilogue to The Overlooked. Actually, I'm going to write two versions; the "canon" one will get posted on ff.n, fictionalley, and Sycophant Hex, and my alternate version will get posted here for anyone who wants to see it. I've already got them pretty much worked out in my head. Now I just have to get them written. I'm hoping it will be by the end of the week.
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...actually, I'm sure he'd find this whole thing terribly undignified:

I say, forget Ron Weasley...Snape is MY king! (Silly graphics courtesy of


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