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It's like Christmas in July!

Seriously, I can't wait to see what buried scandal pushed her to this point. Why else announce something like this on a Friday before a holiday weekend?

Looks like I won't have to pay for my entertainment this weekend. :-P


Nov. 5th, 2008 06:47 pm
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I was going to post a huge rant about Prop. 8...and I might still in the very near future...but at the moment I'm tired but also a little blissed out still by the Obama win, so instead I thought I'd do something fun. BTW, when the election was called for Obama we were watching the Daily Show election special. I started laughing and crying at the same time, and we grabbed our bottle of champagne, ran to the front porch, and blew the cork off that fucker right into Foothill Boulevard while I screamed, "Hell, yeah! WE DID IT!" The echoes were tremendous.


Halloween picspam under the cut!

This way to the egress... )

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Well, I know quite a few of you had a problem with the whole dead Sarah Palin/zombie thing. I hate her like poison, but yeah...I could see your point. However, I don't think anyone will quibble with me including this accessory with the costume:

Adds just the right touch, don't you think? And the horns will match my shoes. :-P

In other news, it looks like someone stole my asshole Mormon neighbors' "Yes on 8" sign. What a shame...not. :-P

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Out of the mouths of babes....

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So I was working on the playlist for my Halloween party (OK, I know it's three weeks away, but I haven't checked all these songs since I transferred them to my external hard drive and I wanted to make sure everything was still linked correctly), and I started thinking about my costume. OK, I think most of us will agree that Sarah Palin is pretty damn scary. But would I look scary enough in a haunted-house decor with a bunch of people dressed as zombies and vampires and ghosts, oh my?

Then I had a brilliant idea. I should go as assassinated zombie Sarah Palin, with a big ol' latex bullet hole in my forehead and pasty undead makeup.

Is it too much? What do you think?

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I totally love this.

Oh, and just to add to her shimmering roster of support for the underprivileged, apparently Ms. Palin is against the rights of Alaska's native Eskimo population to subsistence hunting and fishing. Why let those pesky Eskimos take away fish and moose that commercial fishermen and big-game hunters have a God-given right to! Capitalism first -- you betcha!

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Sarah Palin costume: I realized I really didn't need to get a suit, since I have a black jacket and skirt that look like a suit even though they're separates. I'm going to wear a red silk camisole top underneath. [ profile] mustafear, you'll be glad to know that I acquired these shoes since you said I had to wear red pumps:

I needed a pair that didn't have obscenely high heels, since I'm going to be wearing them at my party and will probably be on my feet for a long time. I really do like this pair -- I'm sure I'll end up wearing them for work, too.

I also scored some reading glasses at Stein Mart that are very Palin-esque. Luckily I was able to get ones that are only a 1x magnification, so I'm hoping I won't be too blind by the end of the evening.

Now all I need is a flag pin and an appointment with my hairstylist, and I should be good to go. ;-)

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And oh, GOD, do I hope this is the ONLY time I ever have to say that!

Anyway, it seems you are all overwhelmingly in favor of me dressing as Ms. Palin for Halloween. Good thing I already have some rimless glasses (cheap reading glasses...I sure as hell am not going to pay $300+ for the real ones she wears) and sparkly rhinestone American flag pins bookmarked on eBay. Input on suit color? She doesn't seem to be consistent on that -- I've seen her wearing red, pale green, black, gray, tan. So I guess that means whatever I can find for cheap at Ross or Marshall's should be fine. :-P has added election hairdos to their on-site makeover widget, so here's a taste. I am planning on getting my hair done by a real stylist -- I'm fairly decent at updos, but I think this bouffant is better left to a trained professional.

The only full-face photo I had access to was the one of me in my Slytherin getup. Hence the tie. :-P

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A bunch of my friends are trying to talk me into going as Sarah Palin for Halloween. My friend Greg has some squarish no-frames glasses, and he made me try them on and push my hair up into a quasi-beehive, and then talk in my best Fargo-on-crack accent. Everyone freaked and said I had to do it. So what do you think?

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Have I mentioned before that I heart Jon Stewart only second to my husband? (And maybe chocolate. OK, and red wine.)

Someone should remind those fun-lovin' Republicans of the old adage about people in glass houses....

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I thought this was all very interesting. This report was written up by someone who's known Sarah Palin for many years. The real name of the author has been left off because of fear of reprisals (everything I've read makes me think I certainly wouldn't want to be on "Ms. Failin"'s shit list).

A lot of what is mentioned here has also been mentioned in other reports by reliable sources, so I have no reason to believe any of this is untrue (most of it is a matter of public record).

Do you want this person to be next in line for the presidency? )


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