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So I heard back really quickly from the agent who wanted the partial. Yesterday she asked for the complete manuscript. Panic time! She wanted it in either one huge Word file or a pdf, and I decided to go with the pdf because I knew the format would hold up better (I don't have Word on my Mac yet, so I have to translate everything from the AppleWorks word-processing program, and sometimes there are formatting issues). Also, I thought I'd have time for one last edit before I was asked for a full. Ha! Moral of the story -- make sure ALL your ducks in a row before you start querying people. Luckily I'd already done a light edit on Sympathy before I got my free Lulu copy, so I ran through it once more, tightened up a few things I noticed when I reread it last, formatted the whole thing in InDesign, and then exported it to a pdf this morning after I gave it one last look-through. Party, party -- doing all that with a 101,000-word novel in less than a day is not something I would recommend. :-P

Just for shits and grins, I did a quick search on the agent's name to see what popped up (I'd already checked her out on the Preditors and Editors website, and her agency is recommended). Well, she came up in connection with a lot of conferences, agency listings, and that sort of thing, but besides that what I saw was several people talking about how she had rejected them so quickly that it made their heads spin. So I feel good that I've even made it this far. Of course it could still get rejected, and I have to steel myself against that, but I still feel pretty proud that I've made it this far when so many other people haven't.

Maybe it's just finally my time. Too bad it took me 42 years to get here.... :-o
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So I mailed off my partial today: three chapters plus the prologue. We'll see what she thinks. It's kind of scary -- I mean, it's one thing to send off a bunch of query letters and quite another to have someone looking at your actual manuscript. I really haven't had an industry professional look at my work before, and although I get lots of lovely feedback from friends and family (and complete strangers on the internet, if you count all my reviews at ff.n and various other archives), I still worry that my work isn't quite up to snuff. Then again, when I read some of the dreck that gets published these days, I tend to feel a lot better about my own writing. :-)

Besides, when I walked over to the post office, a ladybug followed me all the way across the street and then landed on a rosebush once I was safely on the other side. I'm going to count that as a good omen.
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OK, so I bit the bullet and sent out as many e-mail queries this morning as I could manage (some agents don't take e-mail queries, and I also wanted to only query agents who handle other genres I write in, namely fantasy and possibly mystery). It came out to a nice round ten, and I figured that was a good start. I also figured I wouldn't hear back from anyone for a while, since these things tend to take weeks.


I already have a request for a partial (first three chapters), after only three hours!!!!

Joy collapses in shock....

P.S. Thank you to oqi and Anna for all the helpful feedback on my query letter!


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