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...for just a sec.

Seriously, when is this country going to wake up and realize that basic human rights are NOT something you should put to a popular vote?

Oy, gevalt.
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Of course eBay already took the auction down, but at least someone got screen caps before it went kerflooey. :-)

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Posted by a native of Spain at

To make the perfect sangria, you need:
- Fruit. Usually one apple, one peach, one orange and two lemons. I like to add cherries, some people like kiwis...
- One bottle of cheap red wine. This is important: you can't make sangria with expensive wine. Why? Well, it's an ancient Spanish secret, shhhh...
- Sugar.
- Carbonated water. You can used lemonade too.
- A liquor of your choice. I like whiskey.

Chop the fruit, put it in a bowl and add one glass of liquor. Let it soak for a while. Then pour the wine, and the carbonated water (it's better if you use a siphon). Then add the sugar, taste to see if it's sweet enough. Add ice. Drink, drink, drink, until everyone seems nicer and prettier, and you start to regain your hope in humanity.

Only John McCain can't have any, because apparently he doesn't know who the President of Spain is.

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So I'm pretty sure you're all fairly familiar with my political leanings by this point. :-P

However, I'm really not the type to get involved. I'll blog, I'll send money to the candidate of my choice when so moved, but mostly I try to stay out of the fray.


Earlier today I saw a disturbing link on Yahoo's main page. It said: "Obama Tries to Steal Electoral Vote From McCain." The article it was actually linked to was really titled "Omaha's Electoral Vote Draws Obama's Attention." I wrote an email to Yahoo complaining about the obvious bias inherent in using the word "steal" in the link to this article. (I think I may have also mentioned that the only person I know of who stole electoral votes was Bush. Ahem.)

I got a standard boiler-plate reply that they get their news from various sources, blah, blah, blah (basically, we're not responsible).

I replied: "I understand that your news comes from various sources, but who decides on the headlines that are listed on Yahoo's front page? This is the actual title of the article from the AP news wire: "Omaha's Electoral Vote Draws Obama's Attention." The title of the link on Yahoo's front page: "Obama Tries to Steal Electoral Vote From McCain."

If Yahoo is responsible for titling those links, then it is Yahoo's bias that should be questioned."

I check out Yahoo a few minutes later. Guess what? The link has suddenly been retitled ""Obama Tries to Take Omaha's Electoral Vote From McCain."

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't have the power to change things. Power to the people, baby.

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Somehow I survived summer at the Teen Center (I came close to suicide/homicide a few times, but hey, what job doesn't drive you to want to start randomly shooting people?). Anyhow, with that experience under my belt and the hope that I might soon be able to become a fully functioning human being again, I'm thinking ahead. I love to make plans...whether they all come to fruition is another thing. Ahem.

Anyhow, since it's come up in several online conversations I've had lately, I'm stewing over whether to do NaNoWriMo this year. Yes, I crashed and burned spectacularly last year, but I'm still two out of three. However, I will only participate if I finish both the contemporary romance I'm working on right now and The Quality of Mercy. Although my actions may sometimes indicate otherwise, I really do hate leaving projects unfinished. The good news is that I'm more than two-thirds done on the contemporary and probably only have about three chapters left on QoM, so this is all doable as long as I'm able to maintain a somewhat even keel. However, I also know that I'd better not push it for NaNo, which means if I do participate, it'll probably be fanfic. Not sure what yet. Maybe my long-postponed Snape/Sinistra fic. I think that might be easy-going  enough to keep me from ripping my hair out. We'll see.

Also, wee bit of a warning here -- I've mostly avoided discussing politics on this journal, but I don't think I'm going to keep it that way. For those of you who might be offended by my p.o.v., I'll try to put any rants behind a cut so you can just politely skip over it. I just know that I'm not going to be able to keep my mouth shut (much the way I got in a drunken screaming match with a dear friend of mine last night when he tried to defend McCain's choice of Anti-Abortion Barbie as his running mate).

So anyway. As the Chinese proverb goes, may you live in interesting times....

Also, food for thought.

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I have no idea when he said this, as I haven't been keeping up with the Daily Show lately (I know, my bad!). But this is why I heart Jon Stewart:

Jon Stewart was interviewed and was asked whether the country was ready for a black President or a female Commander-in-Chief. His comment was, "Why are you even asking this question?" Then he said, "In 2000, didn't anyone ask the American people if they were ready for a moron to be President?"

I know I wasn't....

(Side note: Hubby and I were coming out of the grocery store awhile back and were accosted by someone trying to gather signatures for some sort of ballot initiative. It sounded kind of dodgy, so we blew the guy off and kept walking. He called out after us, "But Republicans should be worried about this sort of thing!" Erik and I both turned around and snapped, "Yeah, but we're Democrats!" You should've seen the look on the guy's face. It was as if we'd publicly announced we were pederastic penguins. I got the distinct impression he thought Democrats weren't allowed in this town or something. I'm sure he'd be horrified to discover that city government is riddled with ' least, almost everybody I work with in my immediate office is a Democrat.)
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Found in an LJ post about the latest iniquity practiced by the Bush Administration (seriously, that bit in Hitchhiker's Guide about  "a bunch of mindless jerks who were first up against the wall when the revolution came" always brings the current administration to mind).

"Good grief. Would someone please give him a blowjob so we can impeach him?"


Actually, I'm also a fan of the Admiral Ozzel Solution, but that could just be me....

In other news, it's amazing how you can just feel it the nanosecond your Claritin wears off.


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