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That's a joke from an book I loved back when I was in elementary school. Of course, now I remember hardly anything about it, except that it was about these two girls who played with these special dolls and made up all sorts of wonderful stories about them. The one thing I do remember is that their evil teacher who took the dolls away was called Miss Hickenlooper. Anyway, in one of the stories they wrote the heroine-doll as exclaiming, "You have saved me in the very niche of time!" and it's stuck with me all these years.


So awhile back I signed up for the SS/HG fic exchange. I figured it would be a piece of cake -- after all you only had to write 1,500 words minimum. I could do that in my sleep.

Unfortunately, with everything that was going on in my life, I promptly forgot about it. Until, like, two days ago. :-o And the deadline is tomorrow. I did not want to cheese out, as I was writing it as a pinch-hitter for someone who had to drop out because of familial issues. I didn't think being a forgetful flake was a good enough excuse, especially since this poor person's prompt had already been dropped once.

So I put my butt in my chair tonight when I got home from work, told myself it was do or die, and actually pulled it out. Now, it's short -- a little over 1,800 words. But I'd always planned just to do a small one-shot, a scene that could stand on its own (it's also not a bad prelude to a longer fic if I ever want to expand it).

I'm not going to go into how woefully behind I am on Nano. I just proved to myself that I can write quickly if I need to. I think my brain is finally settling down after all the months of tumult at the Pit of Despair (aka the Teen Center). I've also caught up on some major projects at work, so I should be able to sneak some writing time in tomorrow and next week.

But now I'm tired, so I'm going to put my feet up and watch something mindless.

Ta-ta, y'all.

Yes, I Can!

Nov. 3rd, 2008 09:39 pm
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Got no writing done over the weekend except for a measly 500 words yesterday. Just no time between all the parties and the housework and all that crap (and the resulting exhaustion that had me lying on my back for most of yesterday afternoon and watching movies on the SciFi Channel). However, the rebound kid has made it to 5050 and is now back on track for a Nano win!

OK, I know it's a long way to the 30th. But at least now I don't have a lot of ground to make up.

Halloween pics will be coming in the next few days. I still need to get them off my camera. The Sarah Palin costume was a hit, though. :-)
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The good news is that it has finally started to cool down, and there are actual CLOUDS outside. You know, those white fluffy things that do the all-important job of blocking out the $%#@!! sun. So it's going to feel like Halloween...just in time. This makes me happy.

Another piece of good news is that since we're going back on Standard time over the weekend, I get an extra hour to par-tay at my All Hallows Bash on Saturday night.

The bad news is that Nano also starts on Saturday, so I have to make an attempt at squeezing in 1,667 words between cleaning the house, finishing the decorations, going to the store, and getting my hair done for the the all-important Palin do. Yikes! I don't know whether I should even try, or just attempt to do two days' worth on Sunday (assuming I'm not totally hung over).

Yes, I am the queen of bad timing.

Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage/relationship (or if you think you might be someday), and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.


Sep. 30th, 2008 05:33 pm
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OK, so it took me four months, but at least I finally did get around to updating The Quality of Mercy.

You think that's bad? I think I dropped Mandalore's Son for almost a year before I finally finished it. The writer's block, she is no fun. Actually, I can't even say it was normal writer's block in this case, as I did manage to write a whole novel in the that time period. It's just that QoM is quite angsty, and this summer was sucky enough without having to keep digging into the Bad Place in my brain.

Thankfully,  I'm almost finished and will have a clean slate when I dig into NaNo. Of course, there's a tiny little monkey wrench with that, since I just found out I'm tapped for frigging jury duty starting on November 10th.

God? We need to have a few words...

(Although all will be forgiven if Obama is elected on November 4th...)

Oh, fuck it

Nov. 3rd, 2007 03:06 pm
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I give up.

Nano Eve

Oct. 31st, 2007 12:41 pm
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...otherwise known as Halloween 'round these parts. ;-)

Very quiet day at work today. I think most of the little kiddies are gearing up for trick-or-treat and probably aren't going to be dropping in to the Teen Center. Just as well, because we close early today (yay!). Ostensibly we'll be shutting our doors at 4:30, but if it's really dead (NPI), then we'll probably close up earlier. I hope so, because I still have a few things to take care of before the munchkins start arriving on my doorstep.

Luckily I was able to finish one last chapter of my Snape/Hermione fic before I get immersed in Nano. I'd really love to get one done some time during the month, but if last year's Nano is any indication, that's probably not going to happen. Oh, well -- at least I warned everyone that it would be awhile before my next update. Here's hoping they don't get bored and wander off. Then again, I did leave that chapter with an evil cliffie. ;-)

I'll probably be hanging out more in my Nano LJ for the next month, so look for me at [profile] badvibrationsla if you want to see how all that is going.

Unpleasant dreams! :-)  

ETA best pumpkin ever!!!:


Oct. 27th, 2007 03:38 pm
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I know I should be a good little girl and donate to the NaNoWriMo site, but really, besides the unbelievable slowness (and they can say whatever they want...I know it wasn't this slow last year. So much for their vaunted changeover to the Drupal platform), the fact that no one's signatures are working really chaps my ass. Tell you what -- I'll give you guys money after you fix the $%#@!!! site.

Here's my sig, since I know this is the only place it's probably ever going to show up:

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Well, I've got the journal for this year's Nano set up. You can find it here:

[profile] badvibrationsla

The first couple of posts are open to viewing by everyone, but the writing will be f-locked. So if you want to be on my friends list, just go to the link above, click on the "Intro" post (it's the second one down), and make some sort of comment so I know to add you. As I said in that entry, I have no idea what sort of insanity I'm going to vomit forth, but if you're mildly curious (or even want to see the fun layout I kyped off [profile] freelayouts), you should go over and take a look.

That's it...I'm wiped out tonight.
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...and so far I've survived. I think I'm going to have permanent hearing loss from having to turn up the iPod every day around two o'clock in a desperate attempt to drown out the urchins, but at least I haven't wanted to kill any of them. Yet. Also, I hear rumors and undercurrents that I might not be in this locale permanently. I really like everyone I work with, but I'd much rather have a quiet corner in another location. Maybe if I'm a good and patient girl, eventually I'll get switched to someplace that doesn't sound like WW III every day after school lets out.

The plus side is that I've heard some amazing dirt since I've started here (which no doubt will fuel future writings), and since everyone I've worked with has lived here forever and apparently knows everyone else, I get to hear what's going down way before it hits the pavement. That's how I know a new restaurant that has a fabulous number of good beers on tap is going to go into our downtown area, and last night the planning commission was discussing the possibility of opening -- gasp! -- a wine bar in our little downtown as well. Wow, Glendora might actually be getting a night life. Actually, I guess it already has one -- I just didn't know it existed. Apparently there are two places in town that mix great drinks, and one of them (which on the outside looks like a hangout for geriatrics) can get quite jumping at times, since they have dancing. I've already promised the people here that Erik and I would go party with them some time. The upside is that if we get wasted, we can either walk home or call a cab since it's so close. Thus the dangers of partying far from home are negated.

Now I'm actually getting excited about Nano. Part of it is that I have a lot of downtime at work right now, since the main project I'll be working on doesn't start until November 2nd (great timing...groan). So I've been trolling the Nano boards and trying to get my energy levels back up. I really should be working on my Snape story, but I'm finding it difficult to write here, so I figure if I at least roam around the Nano website I'll be getting myself in the mood. I'll try to get back to the dear Professor this weekend.

In other news, it got all hot and nasty here again after it had been so nice and cool. Well, that's October in Southern California for you. It's always all over the place. I just hope that after this round of Santa Ana winds clears out we can settle down into a nice autumn, because I HATE hot Halloweens. Those are just the worst! (Crosses fingers and thinks good thoughts of a cool, gray, misty All Hallow's Eve...) 
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Well, I start my new job on Monday. This process has taken so long that it's still not quite real to me that I even got the job in the first place -- maybe it'll finally sink in when I walk in the door on Monday morning. Yesterday I went over to City Hall to get sworn in (don't ask...crazy regulations regarding municipal employees, I guess) and met one of the gals I'll be working closely with. She was really great, and everyone's already doing so much to make me feel welcome. Apparently they bought me a brand-new computer with a big flat screen and all spanking-new software, so I suppose I'll be able to reconcile myself to working on a PC instead of a Mac. :-P  I still have to go over to Personnel toward the end of next week to do all the benefits and tax stuff, but I've pretty much cleared the final hurdle. (Even the physical had me stressed, just because you never know if they're going to dig up something horrible. "Well, the good news is that you got the job, but the bad news is you've only got six months to live!") But that all went fine, too, so now I'm pretty much set. I spent the morning cleaning the house, and even though I hate housework, it felt good to get the place all spic and span...'cause God knows I won't feel motivated once I'm back working full-time. (I'm writing this lengthy post because I've trapped myself in the office after shampooing the carpet in the front room and hall, and now I'm waiting for it to dry.)

All this leads me to the conundrum of Nano. [profile] elementalevil gave me a guilt trip when I said I might not do it this year because of just starting a new job, so I went ahead and went back over to the site to at least make sure my login still worked, etc. I haven't bothered going to any of the forums because I have no frigging idea what I'm even going to write. I was toying with the idea of a time-travel romance set in Nazi Germany (stay with me on this one!), but the amount of research that's going to involve isn't even funny, and I've whiled away my summer writing fanfic, not doing research. I also had an idea for an erotic contemporary romance (not something I would normally write, but a plot bunny bit me) that would probably be pretty easy to do, since it wouldn't require any more research than Sympathy did last year. However, for the last Nano I got through the whole novel in a month because I had a lot of down time at work to write. I get the feeling I'm probably going to have the same thing at my new job, but I don't know for sure yet (obviously), and even if I were able to write there, I'd feel sort of weird about writing some hardcore smut on a city-owned computer. The logical solution would be to skip over the porn and write that at home, but I'm not one of those writers who can jump around all over the place. I write in a very linear fashion. I'd say writing fics made me do that, since I post a chapter almost as soon as I'm done with it, but I've been writing the same way since I was in junior high, so that doesn't explain it.

Oh, well...I suppose if worst comes to worst I'll just write that Snape/Sinistra fic I've been contemplating for a while. Or the paranormal/mystery/chick lit/romance that involves psychics, UFO hunters, Kabbalists, and various other whack jobs running around L.A. and uncovering an alien conspiracy behind all those orange spray-tanned celebrities. :-P
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...or maybe just a bunch of miscellaneous junk thrown into one post, since I noticed I hadn't updated in quite a while.

Well, I got the job here in town (one last hurdle...I still have to get a physical this Thursday, but since I have basically no health issues that's not a big deal). This means more money, better benefits, and a five-minute commute. Life is good. Of course this was after being subjected to the following:

• A clerical test (which actually had a mistake in the grammar section...I pointed it out to them)
• A typing test
• A Microsoft Word test
• An Adobe InDesign test
• An interview with a panel of FIVE people
• An interview with a panel of THREE people
• A background check complete with fingerprinting
• A DMV check

Man, I get tired just looking at that. :-P  This is the most comprehensive and lengthy hiring process I've ever gone through (and that includes when I was teaching!). I mean, I applied for this job at the end of MAY. But anyway, I start on October 8th, so at least the end is in sight (or maybe the beginning).

I went through a black pit of despair about my writing about ten days ago. Don't ask me why -- I think it was mainly hormonal. However, I snapped out of it (especially after I reminded myself of the shite I copy-edited over the summer. If that crap can get published, then I have a fighting chance). Then I got a bug up my butt and dug out one of my old manuscripts (literally, since it had gotten buried in the storage room in the garage. I still don't know where my other ancient manuscript went to) to see if it was salvageable. Well, it needs work, but I thought it was worth polishing. I've always had issues with "macro" edits -- you know, the kind where you pull the story apart, delete scenes, add new ones, introduce new themes, all that fun stuff. I just never thought I was capable of it. But lo and behold! That's what I'm doing with this one. I got a great book on editing this summer (The Artful Edit by Susan Bell; highly recommended!), and she stressed the importance of getting distance from your writing before you go back to do the editing. Well, I had plenty of distance with this novel, since I wrote it at least twelve years ago. It's really helping me to see where things are weak, what things need to be deleted altogether. I also had an epiphany on the world-building side that's helped me a lot as well. So, all in all, I think it's been a really valuable process. I'm not quite a third of the way through -- since I'm working on fics at the same time as the original stuff, it's not going as quickly as I'd like, but I've always preferred to have multiple projects going at once, since at least that way if I get stuck on one I can go to something else but still be writing.

Speaking of which, I'm waffling on Nano. If I hadn't gotten this job, I wouldn't be so ambivalent. I guess I'll just have to see how much of my mental energies this position is going to require. I remarked to Erik the other day that it wasn't the work itself that wore me out at my last job -- it was that horrendous commute. But that won't be an issue anymore, so maybe I'll still be able to get some writing done in the evenings. Still, I'm not sure Nano is where I should put my energies this year. I've already won twice in a row, and I know I can complete a novel -- hell, if you count my fics (and I do, since they have the word count), I've completed ten novels. Yikes. So maybe this year I should just concentrate on finishing the edit of this novel and going back and doing some work on Sympathy for the Devil when I'm done with that. But I love Nano -- I love the energy of it and its insanity and the feeling of community with all the other psychos who are doing it at the same time. Ack. Oh, well, I guess I don't have to decide right now. However, if I want to write the time-travel romance I'd been considering, I'm going to have to decide in the near future, because it's going to require a lot of research. Hmm. You know, sometimes I think it would be nice if I had a simple, uncomplicated hobby like needlepoint or something. :-P

Heh -- this entry had turned into a novel of its own. Guess I'd better stop here for now.

Oh, behind the cut is the cover art I made for the original novel I'm currently editing. I put my possible pseudonym on the cover, just to be different. Playing in Photoshop relaxes me when I'm feeling blocked on the writing. :-)

Still alive

Nov. 6th, 2006 06:02 pm
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I don't even know why I'm posting here, except that Professor Snape was looking lonely. :-P

I've fallen miserably behind on keeping up with everyone's Nanos. Blanket "sorry" to all you hard-workin' peeps out there. But if I'm going to keep up at the rate I'm going, I just really don't have the time. At least, I don't have the time to read and then comment intelligently. I made it to a little over 21K today, though. I would have done more, but I got a bunch of crap dumped on my desk at the last minute, since the people in my office seem to be allergic to actually doing any work before noon.

Bastards were back banging on the ceiling today. I wanted to pick up a chair and swing it at the ceiling in retaliation but decided not to because (A) I was worried that might be a fire-able offense, and (B) I'm so short that even wearing heels I'm not sure I could have even hit the bloody ceiling. So instead I cursed a lot. Made the A.D. laugh, though. 

We broke a 108-year-old temperature record in L.A. today. Whoopee-fuckin'-do. Thank God it's going to cool down after tomorrow.

Yeah, I'll blame my crankiness on the weather. ;-)

And the fact that LJ has been so bloody buggy the past few days. :-(


Oct. 31st, 2006 04:49 pm
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Well, it's Halloweenie. This dude's a friend of mine who graced the cover of one of my Halloween mixes.

If I'm sort of MIA for the next, I don't know, thirty days, look for me on my writing journal, [profile] sympathy_devil.

All those entries will be f-locked, though, so if you're not on my f-list, I guess it will look like a big...blank?

Oh, and some pics from my Halloween party are
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Well, I just hit 11,225 words for my NaNo novel, which is pretty darn good considering I hardly got anything done yesterday (had a sucky project at work I had to finish first). It's nice to know that I've managed to go almost a quarter of the way there in just four days. Now here's hoping that I can get some writing done on the weekend, too (time to throw hubby out of the office for a few hours -- he's got a laptop; he'll live).


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