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[Error: unknown template qotd]Definitely U2's Joshua Tree tour concert at the Coliseum back in 1987. I think it was the most stirring and emotionally involving live show I've ever seen. And the crazy thing was that there were 100,000 people at that concert, and I ended up sitting two rows back from my older brother, who I didn't even know was going!
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(Not in any particular order...just on here as I thought of them.)

1. U2 - The Joshua Tree
2. Green Day - American Idiot
3. Joy Division - Closer
4. Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
5. The Clash - London Calling
6. Star Wars (Episode IV) soundtrack
7. Nightwish - End of an Era
8. Pink Floyd - The Wall
9. Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left to Lose
10. Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (original London cast)

Holy Crap!

Oct. 8th, 2008 04:27 pm
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I'd forgotten how much I loved Simple Minds. Thank God for '80s internet radio. Think I need to reacquire some of this stuff!


Sep. 21st, 2008 04:51 pm
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Fall is officially here. And it actually feels like it today, although I'm sure SoCal will throw a crappy-ass Indian summer my way just to make me pissy. But hey, for now I'm celebrating the fact that I actually am wearing a shirt with sleeves to my elbows but don't feel like I'm going to die of heat prostration.

Erik and I revisited our lost youth on Friday night and saw a triple bill of the Motels, Berlin, and the Bangles at the L.A. County Fair. All three acts were great, but I have to say I was more impressed by the Motels and Berlin, even though the Bangles were the ostensible headliners. Martha Davis sounds exactly same -- she nailed that high note at the end of her famous cover of "Only the Lonely" as if it hadn't been 25 years since she first recorded it. And I don't know what Terri Nunn has been up to, but apparently part of it has involved drinking the blood of virgins to stay young, because she both looked and sounded amazing. She did a cover of "Somebody to Love" that seriously blew me away, and she wrapped up Berlin's set by singing "Take My Breath Away" while riding on a security guy's shoulders as he walked her through the audience. I'm not sure I'd have that much breath control if I were trying to sing while bobbing around on a rent-a-cop's back. Add to that the most amazing yellow gibbous moonrise over the San Gabriel Mountains and a shooting star as we walked back to the car -- well, it was a wonderful evening.

The funny thing was, that same night I was thinking about a friend (and ex-boyfriend) from junior high/high school, because he was really into music and was the first person who introduced me to punk and new wave and the L.A. music scene. I remembered very clearly listening to the Motels over at his house. We'd lost touch and hadn't really spoken for about ten years. Well, the next day I get a message on my cell phone, and who was it from? Rick! Talk about your freaky coincidences. We played phone tag for a bit and then finally managed to connect in the late afternoon. For some reason he'd been thinking of me and decided to Google me, and he found my contact information that way. He had no idea Erik and I were married, so that floored him, to say the least (he always knew I'd had a crush on Erik back in high school, but the last time Rick and I had spoken, Erik was still married to his ex and I was in a long-term relationship of my own). Anyway, he's become quite the successful illustrator -- he's done work for a bunch of people, including Wizards of the Coast.  He was always drawing back in the day, but he went through some really rough times, so Erik and I are just so, so pleased that he's doing so well for himself. We're trying to figure out when we can all get together, since he's in south Orange County, which is probably about 50 or 60 miles from where we live. I know we'll get it together eventually. I'm just really glad that at least one of the background question marks in my life seems to have been solved.

I also seem to be in remarkably good shape today, considering how much red wine/port/hookah/weed I consumed last night. :-o My brother grows some good shit. (OK, for the record, I do not indulge on a regular basis. But Bill gave me some a while ago, and Erik brought it out last it's all HIS fault.)

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Yeah, I'm old, but the music from when I was in high school and college kicked ass over the crap those whippersnappers are listening to today.

Meme stolen from [profile] little_oracle.

Go to
- Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year.
- Bold the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and underline your favorites. Do nothing to the ones you don't remember/care about.

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This site lets you type in the name of an artist, song, or composer, and will put together a personalized streaming radio station just for you made up of songs from that artist and other artists or composers whose music is in the same vein. Really great, especially if you're feeling like your iTunes library is getting a bit stale.

I love technology.
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...when you're having musical wars on your computer with your husband, the Damned's version of "Ballroom Blitz" TOTALLY kicks the Electrical Light Parade's ass.

Just sayin'.


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