Oh, yay!

Dec. 18th, 2007 09:04 am
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Looks like Peter Jackson is going to be involved with the filming of The Hobbit after all!


I wish he were directing, too, but something is better than nothing. I need another LOTR fix!
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...on ONTD (ohnotheydidnt, for those who may not hang out on LJ celebrity sites) and obsessing over LOTR bad guys. Otherwise, my reaction every time I see that image of the Witch-king for the new computer game wouldn't be "OH HAI THAR BB!"

Computer-speak is destroying my brain. Oh, wait...too late.
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...how else could I write him so well? :-P

Which Ringwraith are You?
By Lisa

(Thanks to [profile] innegrire for this meme!)

Fic Mixing

Jul. 1st, 2006 06:43 am
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Or, why it's not a good idea to finish reading (for the second time) Half-Blood Prince right before bedtime (especially when you're obsessing over two of the fics you're writing).

So, funky dream. Don't remember all of it, but basic setup was that I was running around someplace that looked sort of like Hogwarts, only scarier. Except it wasn't me, it was Sarah from my LOTR fic, accompanied by Gorendil (Lord of the Nazgûl from the same fic), and basically we were trying to find Harry because we had to help him defeat Voldemort. In the process we ran up against some Death Eaters, whom Gorendil neatly dispatched with his flaming sword. Then somehow we got separated, and I'm running down these dark attic-y corridors trying to find him, when I bump in to Draco Malfoy, who promptly starts flinging hexes at my head. Then follows the usual verbal badinage, with me saying we're going to kick their asses, and Malfoy sneering (and he looked just like Tom Felton from the films...pretty funny) and saying that the Dark Lord is going to show up soon and turn all of us into hamburger meat. The weird thing was, I couldn't really tell who he meant when he said "Dark Lord." Was it Voldemort? Was it Sauron?

I somehow manage to get away, with Draco in hot pursuit, but I'm freaking out because I know now that the "Dark Lord" (whichever one Draco meant) is on to Gorendil and that he's going to go after him because he's a traitor. That's about where I woke up, unfortunately.

So this begs the question: Could the Lord of the Nazgûl defeat Voldemort in a straight-out fight? I'm thinking probably. Lord of the Nazgûl vs. Sauron? Gets a lot muddier, doesn't it? Then add in the whole "he knows you're a traitor and you're going to get it" and mix it with my current Snape fixation, and it gets decidedly weird. I think the one thing I can state with any certainty is that I'm a leetle bit worried about my boys.

Oh, well. If nothing else, at least I finally got more than five hours of sleep!
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OK, I suppose that doesn't come as much of a surprise to people who know me. Otherwise, if you're wondering why I would come to that conclusion now, of all times, it's probably because of the following:

I have written orc porn. Not just written it, but posted it on ff.n.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure it's exactly porn. But it's definitely R shading into NC-17. So maybe I should be calling it orc erotica instead of porn. :-o

So why orcs? Why not swoony fics about how Aragorn or Legolas get laid for the sixteen-thousandth time by some Mary-Sue iteration? Frankly, that sort of thing bores me. I have a tendency to lock on to the bad guys, anyway. This would explain my early girlish fixation on Darth Vader (a fixation that has been completely, irrevocably destroyed by Hayden Christensen's whiny-boy interpretation of the nascent Dark Lord, but that's a rant for another time). So I've been pondering orcs for quite a while, ever since junior high, probably. It wasn't just that they got to run around and behave badly and use slang that the high-and-mighty members of the Fellowship wouldn't be caught dead uttering. Even my thirteen-year-old brain latched on to the potential for hotness -- I think I started one or two orc-fics back then but couldn't quite bring myself to put the words down on paper...even though I thought about the subject a good deal.

Fast-forward more years than I'd care to count, and here comes Peter Jackson's version. Now, before it came out I was doing the "Oh, God, please don't fuck it up" prayer along with just about every other LOTR fan I knew, but I was also really, really worried that Jackson and his production team wouldn't get the orcs right. For too many years I'd been irritated by the pig-faced caricatures shown in D&D manuals and other fantasy paraphernalia. Was I going to see some real orcs for once?

Well, my prayers were answered. Once Saruman pulled those Uruk-hai out of the muck beneath Orthanc, I was one happy camper. I mean, have you looked at Lurtz's ass? Fabulous, I assure you.

So I started thinking about writing a story about an Uruk-hai and a human woman once again, wondering how I could possibly set it up so that people would not run screaming into the night once they realized that these two were going to end up in bed (or on the floor, as it eventually worked out). I didn't want it to be the typical rape/conquest that you might see in an orc fic. I wanted these to be two characters who, even though they're wildly different, come together as equals. So far it seems to be working (I hope). Not that there's necessarily going to be a happy ending (I'm a big fan of the sad but not altogether hopeless conclusion). But at least this is one Uruk-hai who's being treated as a real person.

'Cause Uruk-hais need love, too! ;-)


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