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People have written lengthy posts about their feelings on Half-Blood Prince. I saw it last week and have been thinking about it ever since. So here are a few random observations in haiku.

Movie more of same
Harry + Ginny ≠ chemistry
Sorry, JKR

Felton stole the show
Snape is underutilized
Still love you, Alan


And my two favorite parts that don't involve Draco or Snape (or the gorgeous cinematography...God, I loved how the movie looked!):

Edit: Stupid geocities isn't displaying the first image properly. It's the one where Harry's imitating Aragog's fangs.

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I have a question for you fanfic readers (and writers) out there. I've been brooding over this fic I want to write, and although the muse hasn't quite granted me the grace to get it out of my brain and into a Word document, at least it's percolating. Although this fic will be on a smaller scale than Quality of Mercy (thank God), it still is going to have an antagonist, and that antagonist is someone quite a few people tend to fangirl over. I hope people will trust me to not make that antagonist a cardboard villain, but I'm sure his characterization will still upset some people. Does this sort of thing turn you off from reading a fic? Or do you let the author tell her story and try to keep your personal feelings out of the matter?

Just wondering how much hate mail I'm going to get in my inbox. :-P

christinex1001: (Default)'s just too funny not to post here (I mean, I never saw it, probably because I really wasn't in the thick of HP LJ fandom at the time).

Although I don't know if even frickin' orbital laser beams would shut some rabid shippers up....
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I'm thinking I should change my LJ layout at some point. I am not abandoning the dear Professor, but considering I'm into all sorts of stuff, maybe it's time for something a bit more...generic. Well, maybe "generic" is the wrong word. Just something that reflects more of me and less of one fandom. Hmm. I've been immersed fairly heavily in HP for the past year or so, but now I'm getting the urge to write Star Wars again. Although I know I'd better update Quality of Mercy before I unleash a new SW fic, or I'm sure to have people after me with pitchforks, and at this point I'm pretty sure I don't have the energy to run that fast.

I have to say, though, that part of me isn't looking forward to wrestling with LJ's "new" supposed user-friendly way of manipulating layouts. It seems as if every time they make an upgrade (to use the term loosely), it's always more of a pain to deal with. Speaking of LJ and its occasional suckitude, you just gotta love how they tried to quietly take away the Basic account option (if you're brand new and try to sign up now, you only get a choice of an ad-riddled Plus account or a Paid account). I have a Paid account just because I wanted more options and didn't want to deal with the crappy-looking ads on a Plus account, but for a company that says it doesn't want to be MySpace, LJ (sorry, forgot the acronym for the Russkis who now own the company) isn't doing a very good job of differentiating itself. And lo! a new shitstorm has erupted. I haven't followed much of it, but let's just say the few bits I read this morning indicated that the average LJ user isn't very happy right about now.

It's always something, isn't it?

ETA: And the kerfluffle has already hit Fandom Wank. My gut instincts never let me down. :-P
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Good ol' JKR. Just when things were getting a bit slow in the HP world, she had to drop the Dumbledore bombshell on us.

Well, it wasn't much of a bombshell to me -- I mean, my gaydar started acting up when Dumbledore described the purple suit he wore when he visited Tom Riddle at the orphanage, and then it went to Code Red after I read about his sweet little summer idyll with Grindelwald (excuse me if I spelled that incorrectly...I'm too lazy to look it up). However, the responses are amusing, since they range all the way from "Yay, canon slash!" to "Omigod, these books are teh evil -- kill it with fire!"

Frankly, my first reaction was, "Oh, Shaunn will be SO happy now!" (Shaunn is the guy in my HP costuming group who dresses as Dumbledore. He's also queerer than a three-dollar bill.)

Well, maybe the furor will keep JKR from making more mouthy comments about Snape. Lately I've been wanting to smack a bitch. :-P


This is why I love ONTD.
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Well, kids, it's almost the witching hour, and since I've managed to avoid all HP spoilers thus far, I think it's better that I just avoid the internet (except for checking my email) for the next few days. Even with the email, I won't open a message unless it's from someone I know, since I've heard nasty things about people getting spammed with spoiler emails as well. (These trolls really need to get a hobby.)

See you all on the other side!
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OK, now that I've recovered from my birthday (mostly), I managed to offload the pics from my camera so I could post them here. Everyone had a lot of fun at the party, and I did, too, once I was able to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I didn't get any pics of myself, unfortunately (and I looked smashing, darlings), but maybe at a later date I'll be able to get more snaps from other people who attended.

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...reading this whole sordid story:

Now, although I have been reading the HP books since the beginning, I didn't start writing HP fanfiction until very recently, and therefore had no knowledge of any of the events described therein. However, if you're bored, looking for something to occupy your time at work, or just want to explore the depths to which some people will apparently sink while seeking publicity, I highly recommend it.

Makes me glad I'm just a little-known author that no one pays much attention to. ;-)

And you know, if there really were a Hogwarts the new term would be starting today. Frankly, I wish I were in Scotland instead of nasty-hot SoCal. But at least I have a three-day weekend ahead of me. Who knows, I may even get some writing done! (Yeah, right.)

Fic Mixing

Jul. 1st, 2006 06:43 am
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Or, why it's not a good idea to finish reading (for the second time) Half-Blood Prince right before bedtime (especially when you're obsessing over two of the fics you're writing).

So, funky dream. Don't remember all of it, but basic setup was that I was running around someplace that looked sort of like Hogwarts, only scarier. Except it wasn't me, it was Sarah from my LOTR fic, accompanied by Gorendil (Lord of the Nazgûl from the same fic), and basically we were trying to find Harry because we had to help him defeat Voldemort. In the process we ran up against some Death Eaters, whom Gorendil neatly dispatched with his flaming sword. Then somehow we got separated, and I'm running down these dark attic-y corridors trying to find him, when I bump in to Draco Malfoy, who promptly starts flinging hexes at my head. Then follows the usual verbal badinage, with me saying we're going to kick their asses, and Malfoy sneering (and he looked just like Tom Felton from the films...pretty funny) and saying that the Dark Lord is going to show up soon and turn all of us into hamburger meat. The weird thing was, I couldn't really tell who he meant when he said "Dark Lord." Was it Voldemort? Was it Sauron?

I somehow manage to get away, with Draco in hot pursuit, but I'm freaking out because I know now that the "Dark Lord" (whichever one Draco meant) is on to Gorendil and that he's going to go after him because he's a traitor. That's about where I woke up, unfortunately.

So this begs the question: Could the Lord of the Nazgûl defeat Voldemort in a straight-out fight? I'm thinking probably. Lord of the Nazgûl vs. Sauron? Gets a lot muddier, doesn't it? Then add in the whole "he knows you're a traitor and you're going to get it" and mix it with my current Snape fixation, and it gets decidedly weird. I think the one thing I can state with any certainty is that I'm a leetle bit worried about my boys.

Oh, well. If nothing else, at least I finally got more than five hours of sleep!
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OK, I knew this already. But what the heck. At least it confirms my sneaky, devious, and cunning nature. Oh, and my guaranteed spot in Snape's "special" detention. Yummy!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


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