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Apr. 8th, 2010 10:47 am
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Now available at Pink Petal Books!

It'll be available through the PPB website for approximately the first month, and starting on May 1, you can buy the book at All Romance Ebooks, My Bookstore and More, 1Romance Ebooks, Mobipocket, the Kindle Store, and Smashwords.  

Also, my publisher is offering a promotion for the first ten days of release -- use the code "magicfringe" to get 10% off at the Pink Petal Books site! PPB is a secure site, but you can also use PayPal for your purchases. Spread the word...I need the sales! ;-)


Mar. 31st, 2010 07:40 pm
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...that's been me this month. Some of it was just health-related; I won't go into all the gory details, but I had a really bad reaction to Seasonique and ended up having to go off hormonal BC altogether (um, yeah, Seasonique's supposed to be four periods a year, not one period that lasts FOUR WEEKS). That got me so rundown that I caught a nasty cold and was laid up with that for almost two weeks, so definitely not so much fun going on around here lately.

Despite all that, I did manage to get some productive things done. I completely retooled my website, and I got the book trailer for Fringe Benefits done. Of course, what this really taught me is that iMovie is too wimpy to do what I really wanted it to do, but you gotta start somewhere. However, that doesn't mean I don't have a bunch of versions of Final Cut Express (I figured I really didn't need Pro) bookmarked on eBay.

Here's the trailer:

Also, as part of my new website, I have a blog. Today I blogged about the heavy emphasis on sex in today's romance novels (we discussed this here on my LJ awhile go, but I got some fresh anecdata via a poll on Bitten by Books, so I figured it was a good time to revisit the topic). I'd love it if some of you could pop over there when you get a blog is lonely since it's so new. Not many people on the web even know I exist. o.O
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Because Fringe Benefits was just accepted by the Pink Petal Books division of Jupiter Gardens, LLC. Yes, kids, I will soon be a bona fide published author!

More details as they develop. I'll be meeting my editor after I've signed the contract, etc.

Guess the tarot card reader at the Halloween party I went to was right! (She said she saw me being published within the next few months.)

OK, off to drink copious amounts of wine now...

A Favor

Feb. 24th, 2009 03:49 pm
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Despite everything else going on right now, I finally managed to finish the second draft of the contemporary romance I wrote last summer. Now I just need someone to read it.

I know contemp isn't everyone's cuppa, and believe me, I will NOT be offended if you don't want to read it. But if you're interested, drop me a line at christinex1001 at yahoo dot com (since I'll need your email address to send the manuscript out), and I'll shoot the Word document over to you. Any and all levels of feedback are welcome, even if it's just "I liked it" or "this is a load of crap...go back to writing Snape fanfics!" :-P

Which I actually plan to, [ profile] renitaleandra, now that I have this off my plate for awhile. The writing balancing act is often a difficult one!


Sep. 26th, 2008 10:49 am
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Just finished the contemporary I was working on, despite being most heinously cock-blocked yesterday. (Seriously, I was in the home stretch, maybe another 500 words or so to go, and then Erik's friend Dave shows up to look at the motorcycle. Unfortunately, he brought his [sort of] girlfriend along, who got dumped on me to entertain while the guys went out riding. I was ready to KILL someone.)

So anyway, it's done, at a shade under 89,000 words. I think that's a pretty good length for a romance. It'll probably end up being a little over 90K by the time I'm done with the rewrite; I know there's some stuff I want to go back in and add. But at least the first draft is DONE, and I can let it marinate for a few months before I go back and do the first edit.

I'm proud of myself for this one. Got it done despite living through the Summer That Ate My Brain. Writing a novel in less than six months while working full-time isn't an easy feat.

Tonight it's champagne! And hopefully sangria, if I can convince Erik to go back to Claremont and try out that Spanish restaurant we just found there. Fingers crossed.

And now I can go back to Quality of Mercy. ;-)

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Ganked this silly meme from [ profile] laeticiav .

Haiku2 for christinex1001
any of this stuff
lusting in my heart oh god
do i want want this
Created by Grahame

I suppose I do lust in my heart more than I probably should. :-P

Speaking of which, sometimes when I'm in the middle of writing a story I start thinking about the characters in terms of astrology (I wouldn't say I was a full-scale believer, but it does seem to be accurate more than statistical anomalies can account for). I was leafing through my astrology book (The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, which, oddly enough, is just about the only astrology book you'd ever need!), and the description of someone with their moon in Scorpio was so dead on WRT the male lead of the original romance I'm writing right now that it's not even funny. I won't quote the whole thing here, but some of this was just scarily accurate:

"You are very clever at hiding your true feelings.... Though you are driven by strong passions, you tend to deny that they are your motivations.... You particularly dread any form of rejection.... There is usually a secret sorrow or trouble in the lives of Moon-Scorpios that very often concerns family problems.... Without even being aware of it, you possess a sensuality that attracts the opposite sex...."

Well, that's Pieter Van Rijn right there. Hoo, boy. And I hadn't even looked at this astrology book for at least six months, so I don't think I had any of that in my mind when I started writing. Hmm.

Speaking of Mr. Van Rijn, Fringe Benefits now has a soundtrack! Of course, since [ profile] anna_disgrace is the only person reading the story, she's the only one who will see the significance of this, but what the heck. :-P

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes


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