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I love how the mythology section is full of everything except, you know, stories based on actual myths.
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Looks like she took all her stories down. I don't know whether it's because I reported her to ff.n, or whether the gals at [ profile] stop_plagiarism got all up in her business or what, but I guess it doesn't matter at this point.

In a way I'm kind of sad, just because I realized at dinner last night that not only was she plagiarizing, she was also violating copyright, since POTO is in the public domain and No Return has been formally published (ISBN and everything!). It would have been sort of fun to threaten her with legal action, but alas, chérie, it was not to be. :-P

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...never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks to Tytania Strange on and [ profile] evendia here at LJ, I found out today that some twit on ff.n has lifted whole sections out of No Return and has pasted them into her own fic. To my knowledge, this is the first time I've ever been plagiarized. At first I was sort of grimly amused, simply because I looked at the story in question, and (to me, at least) it's painfully obvious which sections aren't her own, since her writing is, shall we say, somewhat unpolished. Looking at those bits and pieces of my own work grafted onto her clumsy prose brought to mind an awkward attempt at grafting a ballerina's hands and feet onto a construction worker. The result isn't very pretty.

However, the more I think about it, the angrier I get. You know, those are MY words she took -- sentences and paragraphs I sweated over. And reviewer, when you said, "I loved your description of the white roses with the red rose look like it waiting for a kiss. Very descriptive and a lovely vision," those are my words you're praising, not this thieving brat who stole them and hoped no one would notice.

Well, people have noticed. She's already been reported to [ profile] stop_plagiarism . I'm waiting to hear back from them, because it always helps to have experts at your side in situations like this, but if I don't hear anything this afternoon, then I'm going to start my own campaign against this annoying bint. To quote Wyatt Earp:


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Don't fuck with the Grand Admiral.


Dec. 11th, 2007 04:31 pm
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...ff.n is down again. Quel surprise. Guess that makes me glad I didn't get a chance to work on Quality of Mercy today.

I wonder if anyone's kept a record of the longest number of consecutive days that site has actually worked, since it seems to die at least every other week.
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The Quality of Mercy is on more than 130 people's author alerts. Yoicks! I guess I should have been paying more attention to those "Story Alert" updates I keep getting in my inbox. (Frankly, I tend to ignore all that stuff unless it's a review.)

I guess that translates to roughly 15% of the people who have the story on alerts actually leaving reviews. Hmm. I have no idea what that means. :-P

Still, it's been getting more reviews than just about anything I've written (except No Return), so that's something. :-)
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This is a rant.

Or maybe a small semi-rant on one thing, and a genuine rant on another.

Or it could just be me losing my mind (always a distinct possibility).

Ff.n's instituted a new ripple in its alert systems -- it now sends you an alert any time someone adds you to their author alerts or puts you on their favorites list. Fine and good, I suppose -- I never paid much attention to those stats, frankly. However, now that I get an alert each and every time someone does that, it brings to my attention the fact that way more people seem to have me on alert or on their favorites list than actually leave any reviews. OK...still not sure of the dynamic there, but it does make me think, Gee, if you liked it enough to make it a favorite, would it kill you to leave a review? Even an "OMG plz rite moar soon!!!111!!!!"? But whatever.

However, I guess I should be careful what I wish for, because today I got a review for No Return (it boggles me a little that I still do get a few reviews for NR every once in a while, considering how old it is, but OK), where the reviewer told me she loved the story and that she was its biggest fan but that she really, really wanted me to change Erik's age so he was only five to seven years older than Christine.

Uh...wut?? (Hence the use of the icon for this post.) I realize that the story is a contemporary POTO AU, but one of the main dynamics between those two characters, starting with the original book and continuing on to the musical, is that Erik is much, much older than Christine. The age difference contributes to the imbalance of power between the two. Changing Erik's age distorts that tremendously. I can only think that this reviewer must be someone who came into the fandom because of that godawful movie and therefore thinks Erik should be damn hot and in his early thirties. Le sigh.

And this has nothing to do with fandom or writing or anything else, but you know what really chaps my ass? People who say they're going to call you to set up an appointment and don't. I don't know many people who like the feeling of being left hanging forever. Call and say it's not going to work out, or if you're too chicken to do that, then send a bloody email. But limbo ain't no fun. (Unless it's a dance you're doing at someone's backyard luau.)

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...or at least at ff.n. All of a sudden they've become hyper-responsive and friendly. I just requested that they add a character filter for Boba Fett (can you believe they didn't have one in the Star Wars section??), and it was done less than five minutes later! Figures they would do it just as I'm about to wrap up Mandalore's Son, but at least if anyone else comes wandering along in the future who wants Fett fics, those stories will be a lot easier to find.
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So I wrote the epilogue to Inheritance. And I really do like it, if I do say so myself.

But then...


I'd like to say feel better, but I don't. Of all the times for that stupid piece of shit site to crash!

I'll try back again in a few hours, but seriously...the last time it did this it was broken for DAYS.

[EDIT] I worked around it because a nice person at fanficrants told me how to export a chapter from one of my other fics, then copy and paste the new chapter into that document. Worked like a charm. Take that, ff.n, you bug-ridden boil on the internet's backside!
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Please stop with the supposed "upgrades" you make to your site, because whenever you add a feature or "improve" something, you invariably break something much more, say, your alert function, which appears to have been dead in the water for at least a week now. This is getting ridiculous, since this same problem has cropped up at least three or four times in the last six months.

I have a chapter of a fic ready to go but am loath to post it without having functional alerts in place, because my updates always get missed by the people who depend on those same alerts to locate my fics.

No love,


P.S. I can only hope that this will be your fate in the afterlife:

EDIT: I got an author alert from someone I have bookmarked, and thought, Hmm...maybe it's working again? So I went ahead and posted. Probably a big mistake, but there you go. Here the link in case you've come here looking to find out what happened to my update.


Dec. 27th, 2006 04:41 pm
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It figures that when I finally have a chance to update one of my fics on ff.n (after a major suck-ass week at work, followed by ye olde happy holiday food poisoning), it turns out ff.n's freakin' alert system is down AGAIN, and therefore no one will even know I updated.

Isn't this $%#@!! year over yet???????
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Actually, that would make a pretty funny heraldic symbol. If I had any drawing skills, I might give it a try. (I think pink would have to figure prominently, although I know [am fairly certain] that pink isn't an acceptable heraldic color.)

I just don't know why it is the second I finish a fic I go running off in all directions thinking of sequels, or other things that I want to write but probably will never get around to working on. Just looking at the list of stuff on my "future projects" list at ff.n is enough to make my head explode.

But for those of you who followed Only Eyes to See, I went ahead and made up a cover a couple of days ago...and I'm already halfway through the next chapter. I won't start posting for a few weeks, though...I want to have a couple of chapters in the bank before I start on that.

And I should have been able to get the next chapter of Mandalore's Son up yesterday, except that work went all blooey. So that goes up on Monday, after a three-month hiatus. It's just so close to being done that I just want to finish it and get on with my life. Plus, that's another thing I can move into the "completed" column, which is always a good feeling.

I won't post this cover at ff.n for a while, 'cause it's sort of got a spoiler in it, but if you're hardcore enough to be reading my LiveJournal, then I figure you've earned it. ;-)

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...I was messing around on my husband's laptop, thinking it would be fun to do an update from the living room, now that he has this fun wireless card in it, and I get the whole entry written...and then I go down to fill in the fields at the bottom of the page, and the whole thing gets spontaneously eaten. Uh-huh. Now, as far as I can tell, I didn't push any buttons that I shouldn't have, but there it went...two hundred laboriously produced words ('cause the controls on that thing bite wang) gone in an instant.

This girl's stickin' to Macs from now on. Feh.

So anyway, at least ff.n's gotten its head out of its collective ass and allowed me to post updates, as well as my new Snape story, which I'm sure will get buried in a heartbeat, since there are a bazillion stories in the HP category. But what the heck -- I really wanted to write it, so if nothing else it will give me some experience writing yet another difficult male character. (Seems to be my trend these days.)

In honor of Snape, I'm going to postulate the question I launched at elemental_evil yesterday: If you could have sex with any fictional character (book, movie, play, comic, TV show), who would it be? (This of course is purely hypothetical and assumes that you would be unattached to have sex with said character and that you would be having a good hair day whenever said hypothetical sex occurs.)

Mine, in case you haven't guessed, is Snape. ;-) (Well, Snape played by Alan Rickman.) Just love that snarky man in black! And that voice...(fans herself). OK, I'm back now. But come on -- look at him!

This is why I shouldn't get stuck in traffic on the 57 freeway. My mind wanders too much.
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It just constantly amazes me that those incompetent dweebs over at ff.n cannot seem to let more than two months or so go by before they let some new and exciting bug loose in the system. This time it won't let you upload a new document. It was giving me grief two days ago, but I thought I'd found a workaround in the form of translating the Word file into raw text and then just uploading that. Now the bug-ridden site o'death won't even let me do that. Same with html or rtf. Zip, zippo, nada, nothing, zilch, jack-shit -- those bastards won't let you put ANYTHING new up there. This really frosts me because (A) I had the first chapter of my new Snape fic ready to go (and I'm halfway into the second chapter as well), and (B) the next chapter of my LOTR is story is almost done and should be posted tomorrow, unless of course they won't let me and I'm reduced to biting large chunks out of my desk in frustration.

Maybe this is God telling me to go back and work on Empty Crowns some more. At least tf.n isn't having these sorts of issues. (Not that I've been on there much the past few days, as I've been giving in to my LOTR and HP obsessions instead.)

Thought I'd use Snape as my icon, since I've been obsessing over him for the past few days. Wish I had some photos from the HP party this past weekend, where Erik was dressed as Snape and I went as Pansy Parkinson (complete w/black bob à la Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago), but alas, I forgot my camera (again), and none of my friends have been forthcoming with photos yet.

I'm doomed to a life of frustration.
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Just when you think they can't come up with another bug...they come up with another bug. Now it won't let me log in OR submit reviews. And if I can't, I assume no one else can, either. I just love how this happens right when I've updated TWO of my bloody fics there. (This on top of the bug from earlier in the week when their e-mail alert system went kaflooey.)

So I'm boycotting the buggers until they get their shit together. Luckily I don't have anything else done now, although I'm going to try and work on Empty Crowns this weekend. (In between the fifteen hundred loads of laundry I have to do. OK, five. It just feels like fifteen hundred.)

In other news, I'm off the my first optometrist appointment in like...ten years? No, more than that. I used glasses for work a bit in the early '90s, then decided I didn't need them. But over the past couple of months I've been starting to get that squinchy tense feeling over the bridge of my nose, so it's probably time to get something for work. I still test 20/20 for normal stuff, but after a few hours of staring at a computer screen I begin to get eye strain. I just hope my insurance will cover frames that are at least partway decent.

The upside is that Erik thinks I look sexy in glasses, so this is all good for him. ;-)
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Well, I just got the Prologue to Empty Crowns, my next Imperial OC-based fic posted on both tf.n and ff.n, and I'm already getting very nice reviews. (If you were wondering WTF my icon was, it's the two lead OCs from EC.) Part of me was stewing over whether to wait another week or so, but since I did have the prologue and Chapter One finished, I figured what the heck. At least I've got one in the bank. I try not to post more than one chapter a week on any of my novels (I know people have a tendency to call everything on the boards "stories," but they're not stories in my case; I seem to be physically incapable of writing anything under 20,000 words). Since now I'm writing two at once (not counting my Uruk-hai piece on ff.n, although I plan to finish that this weekend) anything more than that is just overload (for me if for no one else).

Anyhow, starting out a new novel is always a frightening experience, especially if you're a seat-of-the-pants type of writer like me and don't do an enormous amount of planning. I have a general idea of where I'm going and some of the twistiness that's going to occur, but I like the weird little unexpected things that come up when I just let my mind go and allow my characters to create the situations. I never have any real idea of how people are going to react to my work, since my fics are always fairly OC-heavy. But then I got this review on ff.n, and I just had to put it here because it made me a very happy camper. If I'm ever feeling down about my writing, I'm just going to go to this review and reread it. :-) So thank you, furrylittlebantha, for making my day (possibly even my week!) by sending me the following:

NO WAY!! Not only are you writing a sequel to Dust of the Empire, but I 
get to review it first!

Marvelous, as usual. I've said this before, but your writing is of a
caliber rarely found in non-published works. Professional. Not to mention
darn good fun! Call me a snob, but it's terribly hard to read a fic
that constantly calls attention to itself (i.e., stylistic and grammar
errors), no matter how good the idea is. And even those are rare (ideas,
that is).

One of my favorite things about your fics is your characterization. For
instance, Luke here. He's mellowed and matured by the years, but still
LUKE. The closest profic interpretation I can think of would be Zahn,
and if I recall, haven't you been compared to him?

Sorry, I'm a hopeless Luke fangirl. Had to talk about him first. But
what truly drives your fics and endows them with that desperately needed
uniqueness is your lovingly sculpted OCs. You know you've achieved
orignal character success when your readers fail to make the delination
between them and the canon characters! At least I did, when reading DotE.
Then there's your power over the English language. Your prose is of the
type I aspire to someday, understated in its elegance, powerful in its
depth and range, drawing the reader seductively and inexorably into
this fantastic world of Jedi and Empresses.

Anyway, I could blab all day, but I probably shouldn't. My life is a
gigantic pressure cooker right now, so I don't know when I'll have time
to review again. But I thought I'd let you know that I'm readin' right
along, not only this but also Mandalore's Son and Rue Scribe.

So bravo and keep writing!!


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