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Posting this verbatim:

"You SERIOUSLY, with a straight face, typed that you wanted someone to edit your novel for $25......

Bud, you take the Craigslist idiot cake. You really do. I have seen some pretty low lowball ads in here, but you just took it to a whole 'nother level of low.

WTF? I mean it. What the hell is in your crack pipe?

Tell you what. Why don't you hike your ass over here and paint my house for $45. The whole thing, front yard to back yard. Two stories. Don't forget the garage.

No, better yet. How about you rebuild my Explorer transmission for $62.

Or, can you replace all the plumbing in my house for $87.46.

And then, when you are done, I'll edit your fucking novel for $25.

You people... I swear... "

Well, that gave me a good laugh for Monday. Seriously, though, sometimes it boggles my mind how little people expect to pay for professional editing. Maybe I didn't go to school quite as long as a doctor or a lawyer probably did, but there's a fair amount of training and experience required to be any good at editing. If you expect someone to edit your novel for about the same amount that you'd pay to get a pedicure, then you've got a seriously skewed view of the skill set involved.
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These have been sort of making the rounds, so I thought I'd see how one of the chapters from Sympathy for the Devil turned out, considering I'm editing it right now.

I kind of hoped "Devil" would be one of the main words. But "didn't"? I didn't know I used it that often. (Oops...there's another one!)

Unlike some of my other edits, this one's been kind of fun so far. I like writing Beelzebub and Asmodeus. ;-)
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...I'm still alive. I realized I hadn't posted anything here for a week, but that's mostly because I really haven't had anything much to say. Work has quieted down a bit, although now I'm trying to build a website for the Teen Center in Dreamweaver, and that's it's own particular party because I'm learning Dreamweaver and CSS at the same time. Luckily they don't want anything fancy (right now we don't even have a page on the city's website, so anything is going to be an improvement). I did OK in GoLive, but CSS is a lot to tackle for someone like me who's a graphic designer, not a programmer. Meh. I do better with the printed page than I do pixels, but even the little bit I've built so far looks better than the city's "official" website, which is in need of a major overhaul. Thankfully, that's not my job, though.

Our tomatoes already have blooms and the cilantro is going nuts; here's hoping we'll have homemade salsa in the next month or so. The little apricot tree Erik planted a couple of years ago is doing wonderfully, too -- we counted at least ten little apricots starting up. And the basket of strawberries hanging from the deck is already producing. We've had a few berries so far. They're much smaller than the store-bought kind, but what they lack in size they more than make up in flavor. They taste just the way strawberries are supposed to taste.

Not writing as much as I'd like to; can't really say why. I don't know if it's the limbo of Erik's job situation, hormones, or what. Maybe it's a combination of all three. I don't really feel depressed about it, although it's annoying because I have all these scenes in my head clear as if I've seen them in a movie, and yet somehow I can't seem to summon the energy to get them out of my brain and into Word. Oh, well. I'm not going to force it -- things will come when they come. In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy myself and allow my muse to take this rest time, if she needs it. I've done some editing for a friend who desperately needs a beta (seriously, why is it some people just can NOT comprehend the concept of closed third person?), and I suppose that helps keep the writing muscles in tone, too. It never hurts to step back every once in a while and go at the process of writing with a different hat on.

And right now the hat I need to put on is my Suzy Homemaker one, as I need to get dinner started. Ta, everyone!
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OK, so this manuscript I'm working on isn't too bad (not like the first one I got. In a word: lame. If people like that can get published, then there's certainly hope for me). But seriously, this person wouldn't know proper comma usage if it came up and introduced itself. If I have to fix one more freaking comma splice, I think my head is going to explode. In fact, there are so many of them that I just copied my comment to that effect ("I would change this comma to an em-dash to avoid a comma splice") and paste it in every time the situation comes up...which happens at least five or six times on a page. (Because this publisher won't let you just FIX the mistakes; unless it's a glaring typo or misspelling, you have to put EVERYTHING in a comments box. Gack.)

Please, people: Taking two hapless independent clauses and trying to glue them together with a comma without the help of a conjunction isn't going to make anyone's life easier. In fact, it's making mine a lot more difficult.

OK, off from the computer a bit. My back is telling me it's time to get up and walk about the cabin.
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Just a little one. I promise.

I just want to know why it is that whenever I beta something for someone, I get absolutely NO response -- not even a quickie "thanks" in an e-mail. (And before you read any further, dear padawan, I assure you that you are not included in this group!) After all, I'm volunteering to help someone out with their writing, spending my own valuable time (and it is valuable, kids -- when I freelanced I charged $25 to $30 an hour for that sort of service) when I could be doing something else...oh, like my OWN writing. So would it kill them to just say "thank you"?? I'm not asking for a fruit basket or something, but whenever I ask for someone's help with something I always thank them for the time they spent. Sheesh. It's getting to the point that the next time someone asks me to beta something I'm going to say no, and I'm going to tell them exactly why.

As my mother would say, some people act like they were raised in a barn.

OK, rant over. Otherwise, my day is doing just fine. I scored a killer parking space at TJ's, and I found the perfect pair of Nine West sandals at Ross. Nothing like a good shopping trip to calm me down. ;-)


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