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First Lost, and now 24. Sigh. I have nothing left in episodic TV that I want to watch, which I guess bodes well for my free time. I don't know -- there's something special about looking forward to that new show every week. And we've kind of fallen behind on Doctor Who -- not sure why, except as a geezer-in-training I'm not all that thrilled about having such a wet-behind-the-ears kid playing The Doctor.

I was actually a little sadder to say good-bye to 24 than I was to Lost; I'd watched 24 from the beginning and never missed an episode (okay, had to tape some and watch some on Hulu, but you know what I mean). I did love the sweet little scene between Jack and Chloe at the end, though.

Still, as I told Erik earlier, I have that same sad/empty feeling I did when I walked out of Return of the Jedi lo those many years ago, thinking it was all over and there would be no more Star Wars films (good thing I didn't know what George would later inflict on us in the prequels). True, there's a 24 movie in the works. Here's hoping they don't Jar-Jar it.
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If only all eBay descriptions were written like this! Pure gold. (Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this auction; I just saw the link on another blog and had to pass it on).

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself after the current TV season is over. Two of the three shows I watch religiously are ending (24 and Lost). I'll still have Doctor Who, but...

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Spoilery "24" rant under the cut... )


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