Jul. 22nd, 2010

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Okay, so we're off to Comic Con tomorrow, and in preparation for having the dog walkers come over to take care of the Beaster, I needed to go get a new front door key. No big deal, right? I figured I'd just hop over to the Ace Hardware, which is only about half a mile away.

Well, I'm headed south on Glendora Avenue when two of Glendora's finest (and I use the term loosely, as you'll see in a moment) came zooming out of a side street and hung a left so they were also headed south on Glendora. Like a good citizen, I pulled over and waited until they'd cleared the area before I started back down Glendora Avenue. The Ace is in a shopping center on the northwest corner of Glendora and Route 66 (yes, I live right near Route 66), but traffic was backed up at the red light, so I decided I'd better use the east entrance off Glendora, even though the Ace is all the way across the shopping center. I pulled into the shopping center and had just started to make my way down the lane that fronts the Albertson's there when all of a sudden the two cop cars came screaming down the aisle just ahead of me and whipped around almost right in front of me -- I stomped on my brakes and looked over my left shoulder, only to see this scruffy-looking guy holding his hands up. The funny part (hence my crack about "Glendora's finest") is that the first cop car stopped so suddenly that his buddy rear-ended him! Not badly, but I definitely heard a crunch and saw little bits of plastic falling to the ground. Someone's going to have some extra paperwork to fill out.

I took a breath and passed this little contretemps, and figured that was the end of it. Not really. I pulled up to the Ace, and there were three more cop cars in front of the store, with cops surrounding a guy who looked like someone ordered a gangbanger out of Central Casting. I waited in the car for a minute to see the lay of the land, and it looked as if they were still letting people in and out of the store, so I figured the hell with it and went in. All was quiet inside. I asked the guy at the key counter if it was a robbery, and he said it was just a shoplifting. I made a crack about typical Glendora P.D. overreaction (seriously, five cop cars for someone trying to steal lawn edging?), and the key counter guy just sort of grinned at me.

With that taken care of, I decided I didn't want to go back up Glendora Avenue since traffic was bad and making a left out of the parking lot without a light can be a real bitch. Besides, I remembered that I wanted to get some fresh eye drops, as my right eye has been giving me grief lately (allergy issues). So I headed over to Walgreen's, which was just down Route 66. No problem, except just as I pulled into a parking space I looked out across Grand Avenue and saw that there had been a horrendous car crash right across the street -- completely smashed Nissan Z and something that might once have been a Honda, and then two or three more cop cars, plus your requisite fire truck and ambulance. 

I got my eye drops and then beat feet for home. With whatever weird vibes are floating around this town this afternoon, I wanted me and my car safely back home.

I don't know if Comic Con will be half so exciting.


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