May. 19th, 2010

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...or even those of you who just read something vaguely romance-ish from time to time.

Awhile back [ profile] suburbanbeatnik made a comment while reading the first draft of my steampunk romance to the effect that romance novels don't usually introduce a male character who's not the love interest before you actually meet the "real" love interest. I just realized that I've done the same thing in the fantasy romance I'm writing right now. Does this sort of thing bother you? Do you need to imprint on the "real" hero first, or are you all right with a little obfuscation as long as the heroine ends up with the hero eventually?

(BTW, these aren't love triangles in the technical sense, although there is some interest between the heroine and the secondary character.)

I'm just curious as to whether this is a romance convention I need to follow, or whether I should just say screw it and go ahead with what I've written already. I could take out the earlier arrival of these characters if I have to, but some of the later stuff might not make as much sense or have as much impact. Frankly, I would think the reader would be able to figure out who was going to get the eventual HEA based on the cover art and back cover blurb, but maybe that just me. :-P

Also, sort of related but not really: Any good recommendations for fantasy romance? Like, real alternate-world fantasy romance, not paranormal romance or urban fantasy. I tried searching in "fantasy romance" at Amazon and all I got was page after page of vampire/demon/were stuff, complete with the requisite man-titty. Bo-ring.


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